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This Sock Topic Mall Goth Pack is LIMITED to 100 orders. This item is not discount code eligible.


1. All Five Knee High Pairs from the Mall Goth Line ($85 retail)

  • 1601 Bat Damask Knee High Socks
  • 1602 Gothic Crosses Knee High Socks
  • 1603 Batstooth Knee High Socks
  • 1604 Sanguine Stripes Knee High Socks
  • 1605 Haunting Harlequin Knee High Socks

2. Sanguine Stripes Tote Bag ($13 retail)Made with thick, top-quality canvas. ( 30 cm x 35 cm )

3. Spike Collar ($10 retail)

4. One Bat Damask Vegan Leather Two Sided Compact Mirror ($8 retail)

5. Syringe Pen ($3 retail)

These aren't pictured, but we had a bunch of syringe pens left from a previous release and we were like "let's put em in the pack!"

6. 90s Goth Tattoo Choker ($2 retail)

+ Free Shipping in Gift Ready Packaging ($10 value)

Tucked in with tissue papers and candy, our packing slips do not contain prices.

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