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1. Devil's Lettuce Crew Socks ($15 retail)

Let's be blunt... these socks are dope. And so are you - in these socks.
OSFM, Premium Combed Cotton/Nylon/Spandex Blend, Not Suitable for Calf SIzes over 15"

2. Devil's Lettuce Four-Piece Metal Herb Grinder ($14 retail)

Grinder is 2.5", Laser Engraved
Also comes with a little spatula. A tiny one. For doing little spatula things.

3. Devil's Harvest Rolling Tray ($10 retail)

Measures 5.5" x 7"

4. Devil's Lettuce Hemp Rolling Papers ($2 retail)

40 Sheets, 100% Organic Hemp, 1 1/4" Papers

5. Munchies! 2 oz Bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos (~$2ish)

The 1 oz bags were not gonna cut it. Could not miss this staple.

6. ✨A Special Bonus (Priceless)

A 4 x 6" Glossy Glamour Shot Print of Our Friend Justin That He Doesn't Know We Are Including

7. FREE Shipping! ($12 retail)

At this time, this pack is available for US purchases only. International customers may contact us at to see if it is possible to ship to your location.

Lettuce Take You Higher

Purchase Options: Grab a Pack or Just the Socks

Sold out

Sold out