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About Us (old)

Why should I care about these socks?

1. Design Prowess and Detail Obsession

The world has too many socks with repeating avocados on them. It's about time we move above that as a society. Each design undergoes multiple rounds of scrutiny. Ideas and direction are vetted by a private focus group of individuals. Socks are knitted at 200N, which is a fancy way of saying "the highest definition" of sock stitch.

Sideshow Line Designs

2. Maximum Comfort Levels and More Durability

Chances are, your favorite costume/novelty sock may have worn out within a few wears. Maybe it had an annoying seam that went across the wrong part of your toe.

"Save Me From This Hell"

After buying my first pair of true quality socks, I realized what I was missing, and found myself wearing the same pair over and over again, even though I didn't really like the design. I wanted to create some super unique socks that allowed for the fun of novelty designs, with the comfort of a well made sock. 

Double Terry Padding in Heel (Inside out)
Double Terry Padding and No Uncomfortable Seam (Inside Out)

3. Eco-friendly Practices

  • No polyester
  • No plastic hooks, but the paper header doesn't tear easily
  • Reused, recycled, and recyclable Packaging
  • EcoEnclose shipping bags
  • Paper tape on boxes
  • Engineered for wearability to keep them out of landfills and thrift stores.
Header Cards: No Plastic Hooks

4. Company Culture

1. Have fun. Make stupid jokes. Wear a costume to work. Build a box fort. Celebrate accomplishments and goals with pizza, beer, and high fives. Bring your dog. We spend too much of our lives at work for it not to be awesome.

2. Our goal is to hire a diverse workforce including women, BIPOC, LGBTQI+, disabled workers and those from all backgrounds of life.

3. Pay our staff well. Treat them as humans and friends. Work around personal lives, create a flexible environment centered on communication. Allow an environment for creativity and weird ideas.

4. Never settle for low quality. Provide top notch customer service and focus on lifetime value of the customer, over a one-time pushy sale. Graciously accept feedback from staff and customers.

Why is it called FootClothes? Why does this exist?

Dave and I were a little buzzed (see: druuuuunnnkkkk) and I kind of forgot what socks were called, and you know, they're like clothes for your foot, like, foot clothes. So we bought the URL.

After the world 'sploded from the big CV, I lost my job as the Resident Magician at the Stanley Hotel. I liked the sound of self-employed more than unemployed, and figured if there was ever a time to try out my sock business full time, it was now. I didn't have anything to lose, and no other job holding me back.

How did you start?

First, we narrowed down the manufacturer pool from 40 prospective factories to 6, based on responsiveness, ethical certifications, and quality/consistency of product.

We ordered physical samples from each of those 6 factories and tested them. Our favorite was definitely not the cheapest, but they are great people to work with, and we made a deal. We then ordered samples of all five designs of the first line.

Failed Samples

Finally, we designed a logo of a goat eating a sock and named him Billy. We stressed over details of our header card. We put together a website. We did all of the boring business stuff, like making a financial plan, paying fees, and setting up accounting. We decorated the office.

Why do you care about socks so much?

It’s super nerdy, but I've always loved novelty socks. I worked in a magic/costume store for 10 years, and would wear them under my combat boots for a splash of color (under my all black ensemble.)

Everyone needs socks. They're a great gift, and can really express your personality in a way that you can choose whether or not you would like to show off. I've always been frustrated that some of my favorite fun socks were not super comfortable or they wore out pretty quickly. The 'quality' yet 'quirky' sock category is rather slim. It's important to me to provide an affordable, positive, giftable, sustainable product.

I just love socks, you guys