SOQ - Somewhat Often Questions

Get it? SOQ sounds like SOCK. Jokes are funnier when you have to explain them. It's true.

General SOQ

What are your socks made out of?

Combed cotton for softness, nylon and spandex for superior feel and stretch. No polyester here, baby. No cutting corners.

I'm a size *size* - will they fit me?

They for sure fit Women's size 6 to Men's 12. Usually they will fit a 5 and 13 as well. I have a friend who is a size 14 with pretty wide feet and he rocks them too. It kind of depends on how wide your feet and calves are. While they aren't made for wide calves specifically, the spandex qualities give our "one size fits most" the ability to, well, fit most. People with especially wide calves might find the calf styles with stripes to be a bit snug. People without wide calves report that they don't fall down, but don't leave tight marks either.

Wide Calf Options?

Wide calf is super tricky. After spending over $1000 on attempted wide calf samples (over 15” circumference calf), I can safely say that the issue is not as simple as “add more spandex” or “make the top bigger” - because our socks are super detailed, we’re limited by the tight density and the stretch of nylon used to make the designs at that density (200N). In order to successfully make wide calf designs, they have to be much more simplistic - large blocks of color or stripes, so it’s an ongoing R&D process. We feel it’s important to be as size inclusive as possible, so we’re going to continue trying new things, but that is the current limitation.

The ankle socks are the best option for wide calf-ed folk. The best way to stay informed on when these will be available is to follow the instagram @footclothesofficial or sign up for the wide calf notification list at

Why are your socks MSRP $15?

If you sign up for our mailing list, that’s the best way to be notified of sales and you’ll be sent a coupon for joining.

Our current pricing is also a little higher because our packing materials are all recyclable/recycled material and we pay all employees a living wage. Also, we don't repeat the same exact thing on both socks. We actually change them so the design is always on the outside ankle. Competitors sell novelty socks without the double terry padding and with annoying toe seams for about 12 to 13 dollars. With the discount, we are about in the same ballpark, but with what we believe is superior in comfort.

Where are your socks made?

They are made in China in a factory run by my friend Kevin. The factory has all ISO9000 certifications for workers and has passed every third-party inspection with flying colors. Happily, their QA team is on top of it as well.

Our first inclination was to make them here in the US, actually. There are only 3 factories here that make socks. 1 of them has a terrible interface and an even worse attitude when answering their phone. The other only takes orders in excess of 10,000 per design, and the other one quoted a $9 cost for a sock that is much worse quality than what we ended up going with, and starting out as a new company I couldn't find any way to make it work. The machine we currently are utilizing doesn't even exist in the US.

By sourcing overseas, I have enough margin to pay skilled American employees living wages. If I sourced here in America I would be creating zero good jobs for Americans. It's a catch-22 in a lot of strange ways.

How long does shipping take?

Orders ship out same business day or next business day. Sometimes I ship out on Saturdays but I am trying to get better at actually taking days off.

How do returns work?

Email us at and let us know what's up. We respond really quickly and we can get you set up with whatever solution best fits your situation.

I am missing an item in my order.

Okay this has happened like twice now because sometimes my friends and I pack orders at like 2 AM in order to get everything out by the next day. Email us, let us know what you're missing and I'll get it sent out right away. I also usually send like... candy and notes and bonus stuff if we mess up.

Do you offer wholesale?

Yes! Sign up is super easy - just fill out this form and you can begin placing orders on our website. Notice for Colorado based business accounts, it takes approximately 24 hours for us to verify your tax ID and mark you as tax exempt. If you need to place an order sooner than that, you absolutely can and any tax you pay will be refunded as soon as possible.

If you would rather not place orders through the website, you can email and we can send a dynamic line sheet for orders. We also accept your own POs for convenience.

Wash instructions?

Wash separately. Do not bleach. Machine wash warm. Tumble dry medium, lay flat to dry, or just try using your dry sense of humor.

Do these have annoying strings on the inside?

No, we trim them. Catching your toe on a loop is the worst.

Is the no-feel seam good for people with sensory issues?

Yes. We have many autistic customers and others with sensory issues who report the seam is very toe friendly and comfortable.

Preorder SOQ

My order contains both preorder and in-stock items? When will it ship?

If your order contains both preorder and in-stock options, our default is to ship the in stock items immediately and backorder anything that is preordered. Shopify's shipping system is not friendly with this, so we will cover end user shipping for the preordered items. If you would prefer we hold and ship complete, please email us at with your order number.Please check our online retailers for in-stock options for any styles that may be sold out on our site.