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About Us

We are a woman-owned novelty sock company focused on creating a quality product with kick-ass designs.

We believe in giving back to arts related causes, making the ordering process easy, shipping quickly, and creating long term relationships with our retailers and customers. We care, like... a lot.

It’s super nerdy, but I've always loved novelty socks. I worked in a magic/costume store for 10 years, and would wear them under my combat boots for a splash of color (under my all black ensemble.) It's important to me to provide an affordable, positive, giftable, sustainable product.

Our story
Our mission

How Did This Start?

Oh, the origin story. Right.

Dave (pictured with camera) and I were just a little buzzed, and I kind of forgot what socks were called, and you know, they're like clothes for your foot, like, foot clothes. So we bought the URL.

In 2020, after the world 'sploded from the big CV, I lost my job as the Resident Magician at the Stanley Hotel. With nothing to lose, I started a sock company because life is weird.

Meet the Core Team

Chelsea L.


Do-er of all the things. Creative director. Lover of animals. Actual magician.

Cierra W.


Packer of orders. Lifter of heavy things. Drinker of coffee. Lover of music. Super sick metal drummer.

Elle G.


Marketing. Content Creator. Bad joke maker & Meme Lord. Electronic music producer and dj.

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Michael S.


Warehouse assistant. Sock Puppetier Hot Dog Costume Lead, and assistant bad joke maker to the crew. 

Company Culture

Have Fun

Wear a costume to work.
Build a box fort.
Celebrate accomplishments and goals with pizza, beer, and high fives.

Bring your dog.We spend too much of our lives at work for it not to be awesome.

Celebrate Diversity in Staffing

Our goal is to hire a diverse workforce and 1099 contractors including women, BIPOC, LGBTQI+, disabled workers and those from all backgrounds of life.

Treat staff as humans and friends. Work around personal lives, create a flexible environment centered on communication. Allow an environment for creativity and weird ideas.

Never Settle for Low Quality

Provide top notch customer service and focus on lifetime value of the customer, over a one-time pushy sale.

Graciously accept feedback from staff and customers.

Eco-friendly Practices

No plastic hooks! We use recyclable paper header cards.
We ship in EcoEnclose(R) shipping bags and only use recyclable paper tape on our boxes. We use paper box filler or reuse plastic void fill from personal packages.

Nylon and spandex help ensure. we have a durable product that lasts keeps socks out of landfills.

The Kickstarter Video That Started It All